Program Overview

Learn the true Art of Mixing & Mastering with our internationally trained and reputed faculty in our State-of-the-art studios. The course is designed and developed to articulate the students in the technical world of mixing and mastering. You are taught all the essential mechanics of using the digital & analog tools available in creating fat & polished sounding mixes.

Our studio facility boosts of some of the industry’s best analog and digital sound equipment available to record, produce, mix & master. The students are provided hands on time and resources in the studios to learn the craft of producing industry standard radio ready mixes.

HMA aims at training our students with standard industry practices to reach their full potential in becoming a competent industry professional.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Mixing
  • Fundamentals of Audio
  • Human Hearing
  • Mix Environment
  • Calibrating your Monitors
  • Metering
  • Setting-up a Mix-Session
  • Importing Audio & MIDI Files
  • Organizing Tracks
  • Gain Staging
  • Panning
  • Grouping
  • Using Plug-Ins (EQ)
  • Dynamic Processing (Gates, Compression)
  • Side-Chaining
  • Mix-Automation
  • Bouncing Audio File
  • Industry Standard BIT-Rates/Consumer Audio
  • Creating FX
  • Modern Tips and Tricks
  • Creating a Master Session
  • Importing Mix Files
  • Adding Final Touches to the Mix
  • Adding Additional VSTIs and Instrumentations
  • Using Multi-Band Compression
  • Using Limiters
  • Linear EQ
  • Loudness War
  • Final Consideration of Mastering
  • Industry Mastering Formats
  • Basics of Music Business

Course Detail

  • DURATION: 1.5 months
  • TIMINGS: 2 Hrs Classes, 2 Days per week
  • SOFTWARE: Logic Pro X, Pro Tools
  • COURSE FEE: Rs. 69000 (Incl Taxes)
  • REQUIREMNTS: Basic understanding Of DAW
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